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Offering the full range of whitewater designs to custom fit the right boat design to your body size and skills. We have access to most all of the latest whitewater slalom designs. Custom order your boat in a racing or heavy duty lay-up with specific colors, custom sized to your weight. 

Give us a call at (301) 229-2201 or email us to talk about your boat needs and ordering options.



Slalom Boats available from MWP at Galasport US prices:


K1: Shorty 350/ 356/ 362/ 362XL; Alive by Dejan Kralj; Energy 350

K1: Toro/ Toreto; smaller Pilot 350 and new Dino kids kayak.


C1: Makao by Olympic Champion, Tony Estanguet; Makeo Junior

Loco by World Champion Robin Bell; More Loco; the Loco by World Champion Robin Bell

Ninja Pro improvements on the Ninja design by Tony & Patrice Estanguet, Simon Hocevar & Juraj Mincik


C2: Pro Facto 007 by Jaroslav Volf & Ondrej Stepanek, Pro Facto; Vucko


We can also order Galasport Canoe and Kayak Boat Bags - protects your boat while on the road.

Olympic Boat Lengths - you can still race those 4 meter boats too


Minimum Length 3.50 meters was 4 m.

Minimum Width .60 m remains the same.

Minimum Length 3.50 m
was 4 m.

Minimum Width .65 m was .70 m.

Minimum Length 4.10 m was 4.58 m.

Minimum Width .75 m was .80 m.


K1 Magnar by John Brennan - January 13, 2006, "It is 360 cm long and will work well for 150 to 210 lbs. It can be cut it down for lighter paddlers. It is a different boat from the Impact.  It is a bit wider and will be easier to paddle but will not accelerate as well as the Impact.  The boat will have the same bow rails as the Impact to help it ride up over waves and keep the bow strong."


K1 Ricochet by Eric Jackson & Dave Knight, also available in a smaller size.

For those on a budget, starting out racing, or just looking to get into a light-weight boat, we carry used slalom canoes and kayaks on consignment.  That abandoned race boat just sitting in your backyard?  We relish the opportunity to find good homes for used slalom boats.  We enjoy helping paddlers of all ages get turned on to the joys of paddling a light-weight, composite boat.  We accept used slalom boats in good to excellent condition on consignment.  Please contact us if you have a race boat in need of a workout, or to check into our current stock of quality used decked canoes and kayaks available for you to test paddle and take home today. 

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