Galasport and Mitchell canoe paddles

 Custom assembled blade, shaft and T-grip to your preferred length.


Galasport Canoe Blades


3M = Michal Martikan for Millennium
Universal canoe blade designed by Michal Martikan, World Champion & Olympic Gold medalist. Slim blade cross section offers a perfect stroke with lower water resistance on the Duffek.


3M blade, comes in two sizes, Midi and Maxi. 

Super slicing for superior draw power with less drag.

Elite Carbon shown, also available in Aramid/Carbon layup.

Karas and Pollert blade shapes also available.


Galasport Canoe Shafts



Straight Carbon: standard or heavy duty        Ergonomic Carbon: Patrice or DoubleTorque


Straight Aramid/Carbon: standard, light or heavy duty.


Got some shoveling to do? Galasport canoe shafts come in Aluminum or Fiberglass too.


For Galasport canoe paddle prices please email or call 301-229-2201. 


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Mitchell Canoe Paddles



Premier Curved blade.  Composite skins, wood core, fiberglass rope edges, and aluminum alloy tip. Shafts of Carbon or wood with optional fiberglass sleeve.


Carbon shaft with Carbon blade $266. with fiberglass Wood blade $250.

Wood shaft with Carbon blade $250. with fiberglass Wood blade $220.

Premier Standard (flat) blade Wood shaft with fiberglass Wood blade $220.


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