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Epoxy Resin: Travel size, pre-measured bubble packs of West System Epoxy, 105 + 205 fast hardener.

Single pack $4. Six pack  $18.50 

G/Flex Epoxy Repair Pack 650-K with gloves, stir sticks, syringes, cups. $20.

Mixes 1:1 ratio. Ideal for bonding a variety of dissimilar materials like plastics, metals, glass, masonry, fiberglass...

G/Flex Epoxy Thickened Repair Pack 655-K with gloves, stir sticks. $24.


Davey & Jennifer Hearn are the proud new owners of Sweet Composites, a distributors of fiber reinforced plastic materials and supplies. We serve the light-marine industry, primarily canoe and kayak manufacturers as well as boat repair shops, and model aircraft customers, autobody work, and several other specialty composites markets. Our products are used for mold making, boat building, and repair work of all kinds.


Davey Hearn is an expert composite boat builder with abundant knowledge of boat outfitting & repair. 


Davey is co-designer of decked whitewater canoes and kayaks used around the world including the Max II, Supermax, Ultramax, Cudamax, Batmax, Gyramax, SuperBatmax, ExtraBat, Acrobat, Fanatic, F2, Stealth, X1, SSX, SSX96, Dynamic, and SuperGlide C1s, the LaserBat and Photon K1s, and the Paramax C2.

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