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What Whitewater Club do you race for?


Since 1988, the traveling "Club" Trophy is awarded to the top placing whitewater racing club

at the Whitewater Slalom National Championships. “Club Trophy” points are earned in each class:

1st place = 3 points, 2nd place = 2 points, and  3rd place = 1 point. 

3 boats needed to make a class.  The club with the most points wins.


1988    Canoe Cruisers Association, CCA

1989    Canoe Cruisers Association

1990    Canoe Cruisers Association

1991    Canoe Cruisers Association

1992    CCA-Bethesda Center of Excellence, BCE

1993    CCA-BCE

1994    CCA-BCE

1995    CCA-BCE

1996    CCA-BCE

1997    Nantahala Racing Club, NRC Rhinos

1998    NRC Rhinos

1999    NRC Rhinos

2000    NRC Rhinos

2001    NRC Rhinos

2002    BCE

2003    NRC Rhinos

2004    Kern River Alliance

2006    BCE

2007    BCE

2008    BCE

           Red River Racing 2nd place with an impressive showing in the women's classes: C1W, K1W, C2M

2009    Club not awarded. Race organizers and athletes did not identifying which club boats compete for ...


2010    BCE - Club Trophy is M.I.A... Do you have the club trophy?

More whitewater racing clubs:


Atlanta Whitewater Club

Bethesda Center of Excellence

Charlotte USNWC

Dawson School

Durango Whitewater

Front Range Paddling

League of Northwest Whitewater Racers

Mach 1

Missouri Whitewater Association

Nantahala Racing Club

Red River Racing

Yough Paddling Club ASCI

If your whitewater club competes in the Slalom Nationals please send us your website link!


The Wildest Club in Whitewater by Mike McCormick, 1989


The most unusual award in whitewater racing was born because Washington, DC area paddler Ron Lugbill

wanted to get people psyched up. He envisioned a trophy so outrageous that athletes would do anything to

win it for their club. When he pitched his idea to fellow Housatonic Area Canoe and Kayak Squad (H.A.C.K.S.)

members in the summer of 1988, Sean McCarthy, of South Egremont, Massachusetts, became inspired.


"Ron talked about it as the 'King of Clubs Trophy,' like in a deck of cards," recalled Sean, " but I thought of

Fred Flintstone."


Sean went to work. He found an uprooted pine and cut a chunk of the gnarly part of the root line.


"I roughed it out with a hatchet and went crazy with a grinder to get the basic shape. I had some oak strips

which I shaped with a chisel and stuck in the end to resemble bones or thorns." Next he wound a leather

thong around the handle and carved a base for it.


The finished piece is a fierce wooden club which would draw a grunt of approval from any caveman. It is called

- what else - The Club Trophy.


Each year at the National Whitewater Slalom Championships, The Club Trophy is the focus of heated inter-club competition. Despite strong challenges from the Nantahala Racing Club and H.A.C.K.S., the Canoe Cruisers

Association has claimed the unique award two years in a row. The trophy is awarded by a system which

gives points to each club's top placing boats in C1, C1W, C2, C2M, K1 and K1W classes. In each class the top

finisher wins three points, second place is worth two points and third is one point. The club with the highest

point total wins.


On behalf of the whitewater slalom community, I'd like to commend Sean for recognizing that there's a little

barbarian in all of us.

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