K1W MWP Award








The Maximum Whitewater Performance Award

A traveling trophy awarded annually to the K1W Slalom National Champion


Rebecca Giddens 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist

by Rodney White


The MWP K1W award features our kayak champions names are engraved onto the bowl's wooden base since 1989: Cathy Hearn, Dana Chladek, Cathy Hearn, Cathy Hearn, Dana Chladek, Cathy Hearn, Kara Ruppel, Cathy Hearn, Kara (Ruppel) Weld, Cathy Hearn, Rebecca Bennett, Rebecca (Bennett) Giddens, Rebecca Giddens, Rebecca Giddens, Gwen Greeley, Rebecca Giddens, Jamie Tidmore, Zuzana Vanha, Heather Corrie, and Michelle Kvanli in 2009.


The pottery bowl features an iridescent glaze with bead & feather embellishments custom made by Ursy Potter.

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