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A group on Yahoo was established to facilitate the development of whitewater slalom racing in the USA.  Please join and share your thoughts and ideas for positive change at


Forum to discuss whitewater canoe and kayak slalom, development of the sport, the club system, organizational goals, etc.

The focus of this forum is to discuss concepts related to whitewater slalom development, as well as ideas, tactics and strategies to advance the sport, news items, technical information, etc.

Shameless self promotion is encouraged when it is aligned with the forums other goals.

Initial Post from Allen Mayers, way back in October 2003:

Countless great ideas have circulated in the U.S. slalom community recently. I established this forum because I could not find a repository of ideas for the sport.
Much ground has been gained recently in establishing new race series, providing coaching that now spans most of the country, the Junior Olympic program, getting water turned back on at the 1996 Olympic site, development of current and future elite level athletes and much more.
Our sport has a wealth of smart, motivated people. If we establish a unified set of goals, that all can agree to, a strategic plan for slalom development in the
U.S. can emerge. With such a plan, all of us can grab a piece or two that most interests us, and the sky will be the limit.
My personal (incomplete) view of a potential goal list would start out like:
* Better funding for U.S. Team athletes with a reasonable criteria
* Development of Junior program
* Further development of race series, from elite down to citizen level

* Increased participation - critical mass
* New Sponsorship
Maintenance of training sites and race venues

* Improved Training resources
* Establishment of a video library of top level racing technique, accessible to all (DVD compilation?)
* Volunteer recognition and development
* New race venues

So, lets hear your ideas for development and positive change!

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