April 20, 2004 ~ a message from John Pinyerd, USA Canoe Kayak Wildwater Committee Chairman


Donnie Hudspeth and his team put on a terrific race venue this past weekend. With organized team events

(like dinner at the Ramp Festival) and a awards banquet/luncheon, it reminded me of the hospitality we

received in Kernville last year. Look for additional results and articles over the next few days at

www.gauleyrace.com and on www.usawildwater.com

Congratulations to our winners, and everyone who participated in the races as well.

Here are the results and the 2004 USA Wildwater Team (Europe Team in parentheses):

1. Geoff Calhoun (Worlds and all World Cups)
2. Chris Hipgrave (World Cups)
3. Shaun Smith (Worlds)
4. Jess Whittemore (Worlds)
5. Middy Tilghman (qualified in France, racing Worlds and all World Cups)
6. Tyler Dyer
7. Lincoln Williams (World Cups) 
8. Bern Collins
9. Rob Murphy

1. Geoff Calhoun (Jr Worlds?)

1. Chara Whittemore (Worlds)
2. Emily Stein (World Cups ?)
3. Amy Walter
4. Anne Connelly (World Cups)
5. Kristin Beck (Worlds and all World Cups)

1. Emily Stein (Jr. Worlds)

1. Tom Weir (Worlds and all World Cups)
2. John Pinyerd
3. Bob Bofinger (Worlds)
4. Mike Beck (Worlds and all World Cups)
5. Ed Gordon

There are some excellent pictures of the event that can be viewed/purchased at:

Please also note that this leaves the following slots open for the Junior Worlds Team

(to be filled from the Western Jr. Team Trails in CO in June):
K-1 ~ 3-4 boats (Geoff Calhoun will declare his intentions PRIOR to Western trials)
K-1W ~ 3 boats
C-1  ~ 4 boats
C-2  ~ 4 boats

Thanks again to Donnie and the great group of volunteers


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