Course Model
Building Boulders






Design and Construction Team


Bethesda Center of Excellence:

    John Anderson AlA, Course Designer
    Scott Wilkinson, Media Relations
    Jennifer Hearn, Fund Raising & PR


Construction support:

    Potomac Electric Power Company Operations & Construction Division
    William Sim, Vice President, Operations & Construction
    Michael Dallum, PE
    Robert Thompson, PE
    John Fratangelo, PE
    Ray Jackson, Construction Superintendent


Model Testing:

    Navy's David Taylor Research Center
    Bruce Webster PE
    David Coder PhD


Structrual Engineers:

    Guldu & Fernandez Structural Engineers, PC
    Luis Fernandez, Principal in Charge


Steel Detailing:

    John Thornhill


Steel Reinforcing:

    Trowbridge Steel Company, Inc.


Concrete work:

     Miller and Long Construction Company


Crane work:

    Williams Equipment Company


Site work:

    Furman Builders
    Ryan Construction
    Flippo Construction

Prepared by John Anderson AlA


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