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US Olympic Development Camp

 Thanksgiving Training in Maryland

 November 2427, 2005


Join US National Team Coach Cathy Hearn, and Assistant Team Coaches Kurt Braunlich, Davey Hearn, Joe Jacobi for the US Olympic Development Camp over Thanksgiving weekend for Whitewater Slalom Canoe & Kayak Athletes that participated in the Junior and/or Senior Team Trials and/or the Age Group and National Championships.


This Whitewater Slalom US Olympic Development Camp will be based in Bethesda, Maryland. Special guest coaches will likely include National Team members.  Whitewater slalom training sessions will occur on the Feeder Canal, along the Potomac River between Great Falls and Little Falls, and the Dickerson Whitewater Course.  For Dickerson training participants must have a current BCE membership card. Coached sessions will focus on fall preparation, stroke concepts, gate strategies, whitewater play, 2006 race planning, with special training presentations. 


Training groups and the training camp schedule will be posted at the Brookmont Church.


Cost: No charge to all members of the Junior National, Junior Development, Senior National, and
Senior Development Team members.  For other athletes the training camp fee is $150.
Registration: Registration Form
Who are the 2005 Development Athletes


Please make sure that you are a current member of USA Canoe Kayak.

Please print, sign and bring a completed USA Canoe Kayak Waiver to the camp:


Questions? Contact us


Map & Directions for Brookmont and the Feeder Canal see

The Brookmont Church is located at 4000 Virginia Place, Bethesda, Maryland 20816. 

Please obey the "no parking" signs along the Green and park on the side of the street next to the building.


Food & Transportation:  Transportation and lodging are the responsibility of the athlete. 

Thanksgiving dinner is included with the US Olympic Development Camp. 


PowerBar nutritional products are available to all whitewater training camp participants, their families, coaches, and volunteers.



Comments: It may be 30 degrees and snowing or 70 degrees and raining so bring lots of clothes

and be prepared for all paddling and weather conditions.



In 2005, forty-five athletes from across the country came to train on the Potomac River, the Feeder Canal, and the Dickerson Whitewater Course.  A big thank you to all the whitewater athletes, coaches, volunteers, and parents that participated in this US Olympic Development Camp!


These 22 whitewater slalom racers from across the country joined the 2004 US Olympic Development Camp: Alden Bird C1-MD, Nic Borst C2-CO, Nick 'Fuzzy' Chanin K1-CO, Will Dickerson K1-MD, Casey Eichfeld C1-PA, Adam Estroff K1-CO, Benn Fraker C1-GA, Jeff Gette K1-PA, Zakk Havens C1-MI, Zane Havens C1-MI, Eric Hurd K1-GA, Chad Lewis C1-TN, Nick Lomas C1-GA, John Mullen K1-VA, Ashley Nee K1W-MD, Jared Perlmutter K1-MD, Rick Powell K1-PA, Caroline Queen K1W-MD, Rachel Thomas K1W-PA, Adam VanGrack K1-MD, John Watson K1-GA, and Chris Wiegand C2-CO.


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