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Contact Davey Hearn for coaching options or phone (301) 229-2201.

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November 24-27, 2005

US Olympic Development Camp ~ Thanksgiving 2005

Davey Hearn coaches the annual Thanksgiving whitewater slalom training camp

Feeder/ Dickerson/ Potomac River, Bethesda, Maryland



November 2005

Invitational Canoe Slalom Training Camp ~ 2004 Photos

Feeder/ Dickerson/ Potomac River, Bethesda, Maryland



August 22-28, 2005

Kern River, California Development Training Camp

Davey Hearn coaches during the Pan American Championships & National Championships on the Lower Kern River's Miracle Hot Springs, CA ~ Photos



February 14-20, 2005

Texas Training Camp ~ ASEP Photos ~Trials Qualifier Photos ~Front Range Paddling Photos Davey Hearn and Ben Kvanli coach some warm-water whitewater slalom training and racing in and around San Marcos, Texas during the racing season's first US Whitewater Slalom Team Trials Qualifier on February 20, 2005.



July 2004

American Slalom Excellence Program Whitewater slalom training and coaching led by Davey Hearn and Ben Kvanli held in concert with the US Cup races on the Wisconsin River in Wausau, Wisconsin and the US Cup race & Junior Olympics and on the East Race Waterway in South Bend, Indiana ~ 2004 for more photos


David Hearn coaches whitewater paddlers of all ages interested in optimizing their whitewater playing and river running skills, while also helping slalom athletes unleash their potential on the whitewater race course. 


David can customize training camps in the Washington, DC area or on your home river.  David coaches individual and groups of whitewater canoe & kayak paddlers.  David coaches you from his boat and offers feedback and technical advice from shore. 


David is interested in working with slalom athletes whose goals include competing in the Olympic Team Trials, Junior Team Trials, Junior Olympics, and National Championships.  Please contact David & Jennifer Hearn (301) 229-2201 to customize your whitewater training camp today.


USA Canoe Kayak membership is required for whitewater training camp participation.



PowerBar nutritional products are available to all whitewater training camp participants, their families, coaches, and volunteers.


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