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Events & training camps organized and/or hosted by Davey and Jennifer Hearn featuring
year-round whitewater races, canoe & kayak training camps, and paddlesports promotion
noted by season in reverse chronological order:




Contact us for Dickerson Whitewater Course Training Maryland

National Pool Slalom Championships January-March across the USA

National Pool Slalom Records

St Albans Pool Slalom 2/28/2004

Texas Whitewater Training Camp 2/14-20/2005




50th Annual Potomac Downriver Race 5/15/2005 Great Falls Park, Maryland

Junior Olympic Qualifier Feeder Canal 5/15/2005 Bethesda, Maryland

C1 Armada Whitewater Workshop 5/13/2005 Bethesda, Maryland

Junior Team Trials, Nantahala River, NOC 4/30-5/1/2005

Dickerson Team Trials Qualifier 4/10/2005 Dickerson, Maryland

NOC Team Trials Qualifier 3/26-27/2005




Kern River California Development Camp & Racing 8/22-28/2005

Pan American Championships Kern River, Miracle Hot Springs, Bakersfield, CA 8/26-27/2005

Whitewater Slalom National Championships Kern River, Miracle Hot Springs, Bakersfield, CA 8/28/2005

Junior Olympics East Race Waterway, South Bend, Indiana 7/30-31/2005

Pre-World Championships Prague, Czech Republic 7/30-31/2005

Augsburg Germany World Cup #2 7/15-17/2005

Junior Pre-World Championships Solkan, Slovenia 7/8-9/2005

Junior Team European Tour 6/19-7/12/2005

US Team Trials Animas River, Durango, Colorado 6/10-12/2005

FeederCup Feeder Canal Bethesda, Maryland 6/1, 6/29, 7/27 & 8/31/2004




Thanksgiving Training Camp 11/24-27/2005 Bethesda, Maryland

Biathlon of Triumph 11/12/2005 Washington, DC

Canoe Training Camp Bethesda, Maryland 10/15-17/2004

Brookmont Whitewater Triathlon 11/7/2004 Bethesda, Maryland


PowerBar nutritional products are available to all whitewater training

camp participants, their families, coaches, and volunteers.


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