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Junior Olympics in South Bend, Indiana

on the East Race Waterway on July 30, 2005

Complete Results courtesy Mike Hickey

Wrap Up via Chuck Hines

Photos by Janet Crouch

Mike Hickey's Junior Olympic Updates


Mike Larimer earns Youth Leadership Award ~ announced via email by Chuck Hines 7/21/05

This annual award is for a deserving coach or mentor of young whitewater racers.  Wayne Dickert of NOC/NRC and Dave Kurtz of Mach One received this award in 2003 and 2004 respectively.  The recipient this year, as determined by a 4-person selection committee, is Mike Larimer of Atlanta, who's been coaching U.S. junior champions for 20 years.  Mike was himself a National champion in the past, and his son Jeff has been a U.S. champ and is currently a member of the U.S. National Team in C1.  Mike also has coached and mentored and directed several dozen other Outstanding young, junior-level athletes in the past.  He has devoted thousands of hours of his time to our Sport.  We appreciate your efforts, Mike, and congratulate you on winning this coveted award for 2005.  The presentation will be made at the Junior Olympics in South Bend, Indiana July 30.


Junior Olympics in the News

Mach One members shine at Junior Olympics Centre Daily Times Aug. 28, 2005

Shooting the Breeze Citizen-Times.com Aug. 5, 2005

Young paddlers prove they have staying power Citizen-Times.com Aug. 4, 2005

Kayakers qualify for Junior Olympics Durango Herald July 21, 2005

Local youths head to Whitewater Junior Olympics Citizen-Times.com July 21, 2005


Chuck Hines Cup 2004 ~ Junior Olympics Photos ~ Link to more Photos


1st place North Carolina's Nantahala Racing Club = 23 points

2nd place Colorado's Front Range Paddling Association = 20 points

Georgia's Atlanta Center for Excellence = 5 points

Pennsylvania's Mach 1 = 5 points

Maryland's Bethesda Center of Excellence/ Valley Mill = 3 points


More competing whitewater clubs:

New York's Cascade Falls Racing Team

Colorado's Durango Whitewater


The Junior Olympics South Bend, Indiana July 10, 2004 ~ Results

The Chuck Hines Cup consists of  1st and 2nd place trophies awarded to the two highest-scoring whitewater paddling clubs at the Junior Olympic Championships.  A scoring system of 5-3-2-1 points in each of the official Junior and Cadet categories (three boats make a class) will be awarded to the top four boats in each class.  This is the fourth year of the Chuck Hines Cup and here are the past whitewater racing club results:


2001: 1st place Nantahala Racing Club and 2nd place Mach 1

2002: 1st place Mach 1 and 2nd place Atlanta Center for Excellence

2003: 1st place Nantahala Racing Club  and 2nd Atlanta Center for Excellence

2004: 1st place Nantahala Racing Club and 2nd Front Range Paddling Association

2005: Your whitewater racing club!


In 2003, Chuck Hines started the "Youth Leadership Award" presented to somebody who has contributed to youth paddling and racing over a period of 10 plus years.   Wayne Dickert was the honored recipient last year, and this year's "Youth Leadership Award" was presented to Dave Kurtz at the Junior Olympics in South Bend, Indiana.  

Dave Kurtz has been involved with youth paddling and racing since the 1960s.  In addition to being a member of the U.S. Team way back then, Dave also coached hundreds, maybe even thousands of kids, some of whom have gone on to become National Champions.  His Mach One team won the 2002 Junior Olympics.   Dave has devoted not only his time but also his money to promoting Junior Development.   Right now, as I write this, he (at the youthful age of 72!) is in Europe with several of his kids, and I know he's personally underwritten the costs for those who can't afford to go.  I don't know who has contributed more than Dave Kurtz to Youth Development spanning so many years.  - Chuck Hines

 Dave Kurtz photo courtesy Scott Savage


2004 Junior Olympic Qualifiers:


April 17 Kern River Festival Kernville, CA Results

April 25 Kish Slalom, PA Results

May 8-9 Junior Team Trials Nantahala R, NC Results

May 22 Golden, CO Results

May 30 Feeder Canal, Bethesda, MD Results

June 5 Animas River Days, Durango, CO Results

June 13 Amoskeag Slalom, Manchester, NH Results

June 19 Nantahala River, NC Results

June 27 Wausau Whitewater Course, WI Results


July 10 Junior Olympics East Race Waterway, South Bend Indiana

Junior Olympics at East Race South Bend Tribune June 23, 2004 and Canoe Kayak Racing News


Junior Olympics Qualifiers & Qualified Athletes via USA Canoe Kayak


2004 Junior Olympic Program Description


Junior Olympic Championship, Cadet Accountability Form


See American Slalom Excellence pages for Junior Olympic coaching opportunities

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