Pool Slalom

2007 Pool Races







National Pool Slalom Championships

at St. Albans, Washington, DC

David & Jesse Hearn competing in the C1.5 class

National Pool Slalom Championships 2004


The National Pool Slalom Championship is hosted at multiple locations nationwide during the winter months.  Here are some of the pool slaloms we heard about.  A standardized five-gate slalom course is used, allowing people from across the country to compare scores in decked slalom canoes and kayaks, recreational plastic boats, and open boats.


This is how to navigate the pool slalom course and these are the pool slalom rules.   Happy racing!

Here are the National Pool Slalom Championship records for race boats, recreational kayaks and canoes from 1997 to 2007 courtesy of Jon Nelson.


Gate Specs | Set-up | Boat Classes courtesy Wayne Dickert, Rich Kulawiec & Lehigh Valley Canoe Club.

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