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This year's Brookmont Whitewater Triathlon is a low key, no fees, no prizes race

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Sunday, November 7, 2004 ~ Results ~ Photos


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Why: For the fun of it, (and bragging rights) of course.  Get a jump start on your autumn cross training with the 14th running of the Brookmont Whitewater Triathlon. 


Who: Men and women of all ages compete in all 3 events -OR- any combination of 2 or 3 people may compete in one or two legs of the Triathlon as a Relay Team.  All canoe and kayak paddlers need advanced whitewater skills, be familiar with the Little Falls run, and have a strong whitewater roll.  No entry level paddlers.  All competitors must wear a helmet on the bike, and a helmet and PFD (personal floatation device) are required while paddling on the Potomac River. Please be aware of the safety of everyone throughout the course (including others walking along the bike path), and provide assistance as needed.


When & Where: Sunday, November 10th at 9:30 a.m. features a Retro-Brookmont Whitewater Triathlon course.  Race instructions are given at 9:15 a.m. at the starting line on the Brookmont Green, across from the Brookmont Church, at the end of Broad Street --coming into Brookmont the first right hand turn from Maryland Ave. 

All Bikes, Boats, and Paddling Gear should be placed in the triathlon transition areas prior to the 9:30 a.m. start.  Bikes at the end of the Green near Maryland Ave.  Boats and paddling gear at the very bottom of the Feeder Canal from the tow path between Lock #5 & #6, not the traditional Feeder put-in.  If the Potomac River Little Falls Gauge is higher than 5 feet the Whitewater Triathlon may be postponed.  Results will be announced as soon as possible after all competitors finish the course.  Results will also be posted online.


How & What: Starting at 9:30 a.m., the triathlon features a mass start with a short Run to the end of the Brookmont Green.  Hop onto your Bike.  Do a lap around Brookmont, up to the MacArthur Bike Path towards Glen Echo and back for about 4 miles, Run about 3.5 miles in Brookmont and along the tow path from Lock #5 to Sycamore Island and back, and put-in at the very bottom of the Feeder Canal, paddle upstream and across to slot in the rubble dam for about 3 miles of class III-IV Potomac River Whitewater down Little Falls to Chain Bridge. 


Course: Mass start at the end of the Brookmont Green at 9:30 am.  Run to your bike and hop on.  Do a lap around Brookmont : Right onto Maryland Avenue, Left onto Ridge Drive, all the way down around the corner to the left onto Broad Street.  At the stop sign, turn Right onto Maryland Ave., and Left onto MacArthur Blvd. bike path (no riding on the roadway).  Turn-around on the bike path (keep right) just before the 3-way stop, and head back to Brookmont. Turn right onto Maryland Ave., Left onto Ridge Drive go to 6211 Ridge on the Left and drop off your bike in the lawn, not in the roadway.  Start running toward the foot path down to the Spiral Bridge at Lock #5.  Turn Right onto the tow path and start running upstream towards the Sycamore Island footbridge across the tow path.  Turn around (keep right) then Touch the downstream edge of the bridge.  Run back to the foot path leading into the bottom of the Feeder Canal, not the regular put-in.  Get on your helmet and PFD and start paddling your whitewater boat upstream -- all the way up the top of the Feeder Canal.  Paddle up and across below Brookmont Dam and down the break in the rubble dam.  Pick you route towards the main channel of the Potomac, and run the class III-IV Whitewater of Little Falls to Chain Bridge.  Finish line is when you pass completely under Chain Bridge.  The take-out is just upstream of here, so competitors have a short walk back to the C&O Canal for a paddle back to the tow path and Brookmont.


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