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Whitewater Slalom Volunteer Awards Presented


At the US Open Team Trials Qualifier in North Carolina March 26-27,  USA Whitewater Slalom announced the winners of the first annual Volunteer Awards. Receiving recognition were eight individuals or groups who have made significant contributions to slalom in recent years.

Bill Endicott was recognized for his support of the National Team in 2004 (and before), with emphasis placed on his work as Olympic Team Manager. His ability to organize and facilitate whatever was necessary earned him the thanks of athletes and coaches alike. Furthermore, he is respected greatly for his many years of giving to the sport in every way imaginable, from coaching to documenting its history.

For their assistance with coaching and organizing the trip for the 2004 Junior National Team, Bert Hinkley and Danni Hinkley received accolades. Junior athletes greatly appreciated the dedication and support shown by Bert and Danni last year.

Tim Rogers and Roger Perrin were recognized for their contribution to slalom in the South through their involvement with the Alabama Cup. This series of races in Alabama draws whitewater slalom enthusiasts from all over the South, including many members of our current Junior and Senior National Teams.

In the Southwest, Ben Kvanli and Michelle Clements have been promoting slalom by holding kids camps, organizing races, and heading the Red River Racing Team. They received recognition for their enthusiasm and dedication for promoting the sport in Texas.


The regional volunteer award for the West went to the group of Patti LeVeque, Mary Wilkening and Jesse Perales of Southern California. Their involvement with the Kern River Alliance focuses on introducing kids to the sport, organizing races, and river cleanup. 

Bill Constable received the Midwestern volunteer award for his many years of involvement with slalom. From board member to race chairman, he has been a dependable and capable resource.

In the Mid-Atlantic region, thanks went to Renata and Jonathan Altman who, after retiring from competition, dedicated their time and expertise on numerous occasions.

They posted split times for all competitors at Team Trials, helped out with technological challenges, and supported the National Team at international competitions.


Keech and Ann LeClair have long been involved in the promotion and development of whitewater slalom racing in the Northeast, which earned them the volunteer award in this region. They are both accomplished paddlers, race organizers and canoe instructors and avid supporters of the sport.


Ann and I want thank the USACK, it's officials and all those who were involved in the process that ended with our being recognized with one of the USACK's annual Volunteer Awards for the Northeast Region for 2005.
~ Keech T. LeClair

USA Whitewater Slalom will present the Meritorious Service Award, for ten or more years of outstanding service, at the US National Championships on August 28th on the Kern River, Miracle Hot Springs in Bakersfield, California.  Nominations accepted through May 31, 2005 and should include a description of the individual's work within the sport of whitewater slalom. Please send nominations to Hannah Larsen.


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