Kayak Polo Washington, DC


2005  Lab School

4759 Reservoir Road, NW, Washington, DC 20007


GENERAL INFO:  The level of play varies, and beginners are welcome, but people should be comfortable in a kayak, and have a roll.  WHAT TO BRING:  In general, for kayak polo bring all of your own equipment,  EXCEPT boat.  That's: paddle, sprayskirt, helmet, and PFD.     
WE SUPPLY polo boats (required - let us know if you need one).  Bring your OWN SKIRT.  The polo boats take a racing (slalom) skirt, or a small whitewater skirt.  We have a few extra skirts, but may not have your size.   Bring your own HELMET; we'll also have some with masks.  ALL non-polo PADDLES must be DUCT-TAPED. 

If you have any questions please e-mail Angela Killian findwater[at]yahoo[dot]com.  Thanks!

Cathy Hearn Paddler magazine

June 1994 ~ click to enlarge images

"Canoe Polo is an exciting team event played on 35m x 23m pitches set up in swimming pools or on flat stretches of water. Teams of 5 paddlers endeavor to score goals in a net suspended 2m above the water, the ball being thrown by hand, or 'flicked' with the paddle. Naturally, the team
with the most goals at the end of the match wins the game. It is a great way keep in shape while practicing excellent boat control. The rules are a combination of soccer, basketball, and water polo. The http://www.usacanoekayak.org/disciplines/polo/polo_desc.asp web page is a good one that describes the sport in more detail."

-Andrew Moss, Ottawa River Runners

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