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Whitewater Slalom Training & Racing Information




2008 Whitewater Races & Festivals

USA Olympic Team Selection

ICF Slalom Olympic Summary & Detailed 2008 Canoe Kayak Olympic Games

ICF Whitewater Slalom Racing Rules

Breaking News: Whitewater Canoe Kayak Racing


2007 Whitewater Races & Festivals

Breaking News: Whitewater Canoe Kayak Racing

Whitewater Slalom Draft Rankings for Comment April 2007

2007 USA Whitewater Slalom Racing Rules

USAWS Board Members & Committees


2006 Whitewater Canoe & Kayak Race Results

Athletes & Boats Qualified for 2006 Team Trials

Canoe Kayak News in 2006

USAWS & USACK Board Members October 2005


2005 Whitewater Canoe & Kayak Racing Schedule

More Spring/Summer 2005 Race Results

2005 USA Whitewater Slalom Team

2005 World Championships Penrith, Australia

2005 World Cup

2005 Junior Pre-World Championship Team

2005 Pre-Worlds & U23 Team

2005 Pan American Championships & Nationals

Athletes & Boats Qualified for 2005 Team Trials

2005 Team Trials Qualifiers & Results

USA Whitewater Slalom 2005 Team Trials Selection Criteria

USA Whitewater Slalom 2005 Junior Team Selection Method

USA Slalom Racing Rules courtesy Brian Fike & USA Canoe Kayak

USA Whitewater Slalom Operating Procedures

Canoe Kayak Whitewater Racing News & Archives

Watching Whitewater Slalom Canoe & Kayak Racing


2004 Whitewater Race Results

News Athens 2004 Canoe Kayak Olympics

Athens 2004 Olympic Whitewater Slalom Canoe & Kayak

USA Canoe Kayak Olympic Team Media Guide

2004 USA Olympic Team ~ USA 2004 Whitewater Slalom Team

Joe Raymond photos of Whitewater Slalom 2004 Olympic Team Trials

Getty Images of Whitewater Slalom 2004 Olympic Team Trials photos

2004 Olympic Team Trials South Bend, IN: Day #1, Day #2, Day #3, Overall Ranking

US Whitewater Slalom 2004 Olympic Team Selection Criteria


ICF Slalom News

 ICF Slalom Racing Rules ~ New ICF Slalom Racing Rules 2005

ICF Canoe Kayak Olympic Manual

2003 World Championship Results Augsburg, Germany

ICF 2004 Olympic Participation and Qualification Criteria

Athlete Rankings & Athlete Stats 2002 courtesy Rich Kulawiec

Getting Started in Slalom by Scott Shipley


Potomac River & Greater Washington, DC Training


Potomac River Level Little Falls Gauge

Local Weather conditions

Training opportunities with Coach Davey Hearn

Local Training Potomac R. Feeder Canal, Dickerson Whitewater Course, David Taylor Model Basin


More Training & Racing Resources


Check out the Technique section under Coaching

Link to Training Camps and whitewater races and festivals

Link to Whitewater Racing clubs across the country

United States Olympic Committee

Coaching USOC Olympic Coach E-Magazine

United States Anti-Doping Agency

Women's Sports Foundation Travel & Training Fund

Canoe Kayak eSchool


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