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Chris Ennis WNC Top 10 of 2004 Citizen-Times.com  December 29, 2004 

There's a Zulu on the Dusi stoep Sunday Times.co.za December 28, 2004

Annual Polar Bear Swim in Lake Lanier Access North Gorgia.com December 28, 2004

Rebecca Giddens, U.S. Coast Guard & ACA Promote Safe Boating USNewswire.com December 20, 2004

Canoe Slalom Coverage Wins IOC Award Australian Canoeing December 20, 2004

Whitewater kayaking in Texas is growing quickly Star-Telegram subscription December 19, 2004

Van Koeverden's impact visible Toronto Sun December 18, 2004

Louise Urwin happy to go with the New Zealand flow Rotorua Daily Post December 16, 2004
Kayaking legends launch store Greg Barton Charleston.net December 14, 2004

Van Koeverden collects Lou Marsh Trophy Canadian News December 14, 2004

That's the way it was in 2004 by Elmore Holmes December 14, 2004

Retirement no Balkans retreat Telegraph.co.uk December 12, 2004

Stormy weather spells an end to Green River Race Citizen-Times.com December 9, 2004

Australian Youth Olympic Festival Forster.YourGuide December 8, 2004

Welcome to the Narrows GreenvilleOnline.com December 6, 2004

First man-made whitewater slalom course in Africa South Africa Daily News December 3, 2004

Australian Youth Olympic Festival Ararat.YourGuide November 27, 2004

Sporting scholars in class of their own ic Liverpool November 26, 2004

Release the Whitewater Kayaker Within by Ken Whiting Paddling.net November 24, 2004

Let us Paddle our Canoes Great Britain Cumberland News November 19, 2004

Athletes to train on Keuka Outlet: Junior Olympians expected Geneva Times November 18, 2004

Madrid 2012 “Golden” Bid Gets Public Support GamesBid.com November 18, 2004

Whitewater is at a Potential Crossroads by Kent Ford Outdoor Industry November 14, 2004

Breathing fire over the water Hudson Reporter November 14, 2004

Gold Medal Plates raise $500,000 The Globe & Mail  November 13, 2004

Maryland's Whitewater Course Will Make a Splash WTOP November 12, 2004

Complex churning things up in Garrett County Baltimore Sun November 11, 2004

NYC 2012 Brooklyn Bridge Bid send off USOC November 11, 2004

How good is good enough? by Elmore Holmes November 11, 2004

Gorge Games expands into yearlong tour Portland Business Journal November 8, 2004

Olympic champion Barton wins PaddleFest kayak race The Beaufort Gazzette November 7, 2004

Beijing hosts World Toilet Summit CNews November 5, 2004
Whitewater Canoe Kayak News Citizen-Times.com November 5, 2004

Bhutan - Promoting white water sports Kuensel Online October 29, 2004

Kayak siblings proposing “New Urbanism” community along Arkansas R. Denver Post  October 24, 2004

National Whitewater Center gets $20 million in financing (pg. down) Citizen-Times.com October 21, 2004

Tony Estanguet SportStar Awards Olympic Champions Olympic News October 20, 2004

Olympic canoeist Thomas Schmidt paddles new model European Plastics News October 20, 2004

Greg Barton wins Island Giant Kayak Race Charleston Post Courier October 20, 2004

White House Olympian Visit  USA Canoe Kayak October 18, 2004

Olympians to visit White House after all MSNBC Olympics October 16, 2004

Waves, eddies, and the literati by Elmore Holmes October 13, 2004

Cliff Meidl Honored For Perseverance, Overcoming Physical Adversity US Newswire October 9, 2004

McEwan Fastest at Animal Upper Gauley Race USACanoeKayak October 5, 2004

Finding the right 'attitude' The Star.com October 5, 2004

At Anacostia Stadium Site, a Troubled River Runs Through It Washington Post October 3, 2004

Rebecca Giddens Olympic medalist returns to home away from home Bakersfield.com September 26, 2004

Boatin' to maturity by Elmore Holmes September 24, 2004

Scott Mann is new national champion Citizen-Times.com September 23, 2004

Olympians Giddens & Jacobi at River Bend Park Connectionnewspaper.com September 22, 2004

Jacobi gets gold on calm course Gazette.net September 22, 2004

Chuck Kennedy Photo Gallery Slalom Medalists September 22, 2004

Giddens’ Rule Canoe/Kayak Whitewater Slalom National Championships Sports Features September 20, 2004

Potomac turns field into power strokers Baltimore Sun September 20, 2004

Dickerson Whitewater Slalom National Championships NPR All Things Considered September 19, 2004

Kayaking challenges Soldiers to push new limits Walter Reed P.T. dcmilitary.com  September 17, 2004

Slalom Championships at Dickerson Washington Post September 17, 2004

Paddlers call for whitewater park Bend Bulletin.com September 17, 2004

Rebecca Giddens on Protecting Wild Forests & Rivers for Future Generations US Newswire September 14, 2004

Stein-a-mite paddler glides onto the world stage USOC - Chattanooga Free Press September 13, 2004

There's Gold in the Spills Reno Whitewater LA Times September 13, 2004
Gold in niche Olympic sports not good enough, grumbles sportswriter The Slovak Spectator September 13, 2004

Riding the Rapids Kennebec Whitewater Park Bangor Daily News September 4, 2004
óOlympic Coverage Canoe & Kayak Summer 2004 (press archived page)ó

Guy & Shelley Wilding head coaches Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club AccessNorthGa.com August 22, 2004

Competing in the Junior Pre-World Championships in Italy by Emily Stein USA Wildwater.com August 9, 2004

Olympics: New York 2012 bid major venue changes ChannelNewsAsia August 6, 2004

Paddling couple focus on 2008 Scott Mann & Jamie Tidmore Citizen-Times.com August 5, 2004

The Rebecca Reports by Rebecca Giddens on her Olympic quest August 4, 2004

Photos by David Murray Potomac River Whitewater Training Spring-Summer 2004

Western Australia White Water Course Needs Your Support Summer 2004

Have kayak, will travel Gainesville Times July 27, 2004

Local paddlers shine at Junior Olympics Centre Daily Times July 25, 2004

Whitewater Wonder Arkansas The Times Record July 25, 2004

Kayakers chase perfect ride Wausau Daily Herald July 21, 2004

How Do You Like Your Kayaking? Serene, or Wild? The New York Times July 18, 2004

The wilderness over yonder by Elmore Holmes Outdoors Inc. July 2004

U.S. National Open Canoe Slalom Championships Missoulian.com July 5, 2004

Cathy Hearn images on the road to the 2004 Olympic Games July 1, 2004

Paddling in the Doldrums Whitewater Kayaking The New York Times June 28, 2004

Paddlers use event to improve skills Wausau Daily Herald June 27, 2004

Locals clean up at the Junior Olympics qualifier Citizen-Times.com June 24, 2004

Junior Olympics at East Race South Bend Tribune June 23, 2004

Gutsy kids don't see many of their friends kayaking Citizen-Times.com June 18, 2004

Urban Adventure: artificial white-water courses on the Trinity River Star-Telegram June 15, 2004   

Olympics drains kayak pool Wausau Daily Herald June 14, 2004

Susannah Stucchio eyeing 2008 Olympics The Journal News June 13, 2004

The Many Faces of Canoeing by Elmore Holmes Outdoors Inc. June 10, 2004

River Days goes to the dogs Durango Herald Online June 6, 2004

Brown gets down on the river Rogan Durango Herald Online June 5, 2004

Canoeing fast water, big waves an adrenaline rush Centre Daily Times June 5, 2004

Rocking 'n' rolling along the Animas Durango Herald Online June 5, 2004

Rocked and rolled Vail Daily News June 4, 2004
Animas River Days cast off  Durango Herald Online
June 4, 2004

Holcombe and Faux cruise to wins in Dagger Open Vail Daily News June 3, 2004

Teva Mountain Games is turning heads all around the U.S. of A. The Vail Trail June 3, 2004

Behind the 8 ball ahead of the rest Vail Daily News June 3, 2004

Stuart McIntosh Augsburg & Bourg World Cups www.stuartmcintosh.co.uk June 2, 2004

Reno was Awesome Canoe & Kayak June 2, 2004

David Ford wins World Cup kayak silver CBC Sports May 30, 2004
Rapid rise Anne Connolly Birmingham News May 30, 2004

Local paddlers compete in World Cup races Citizen-Times.com May 28, 2004

Getting a splash out of water sports by Olivia Bevacqua  Silver Chips May 27, 2004

Annual river festival to feature top-ranked kayakers Gazette.com May 26, 2004

David Ford top Canadian at kayak World Cup CBC Sports May 24, 2004
Women in Whitewater Slalom by Chuck Hines May 22, 2004

Ed Gertler talks paddling with Kojo Nnamdi on WAMU Radio May 20, 2004

New whitewater park in Reno San Francisco Chronicle May 20, 2004

VIDEO Olympic Preparation on the Potomac Washington Post May 19, 2004

Olympic Hopefuls Trimmed To Five NYC 2012 Washington Post May 18, 2004

All-American Boy John Gerstenberger Durango Herald Online May 14, 2004

Potomac River Whitewater Kayaking New York Times May 14, 2004

A Paddling City by Elmore Holmes Outdoors Inc. May 10, 2004

As a Course, Potomac Downriver Race Is Worth Savoring Washington Post May 9, 2004

Local paddlers fight through tough course Citizen-Times.com May 9, 2004

The River View? Frequently Gorges. Along Potomac, a Subtly Grand Canyon Washington Post May 9, 2004

Junior Team Trials Results Nantahala River, NC May 8-9, 2004

Fast and clean: Junior paddlers aim for big-time Citizen-Times.com May 6, 2004

Chris Hipgrave Local racer tops field at wildwater trials Citizen-Times.com April 22, 2004

Andy Toro remains bullish about sport Contra Costa Times April 19, 2004

Brookmont Home of the River Rats Washingtonian Magazine April 2004

Just around the corner: The Great Race by Elmore Holmes Outdoors Inc. April 10, 2004

Payson Kennedy returns as President and CEO of the Nantahala Outdoor Center

Kayakers tame the Deschutes Bend Bulletin.com April 5, 2004

Red Mo Race March 27, 2004 The West Branch Review March 2004

Great Britain's Stuart McIntosh Interview with Gareth Marriott www.stuartmcintosh.co.uk March 2004

Wildwater Racers Speed Through US Open Citizen-Times.com March 25, 2004

Paddlers Show their Stuff on Nantahala Citizen-Times.com March 22, 2004

Missouri River Whitewater Championships by Adam VanGrack March 20-21, 2004

Five-Ring Quixotism by Elmore Holmes retro feature American Whitewater July/August 1996

Trip report: February paradise by Elmore Holmes Outdoors Inc. March 10, 2004

Warren Wilson College paddlers rising to the top Citizen-Times.com March 4, 2004

Racers plunge into Glacier Breaker Citizen-Times.com February 22, 2004

Frigid days on the water by Elmore Holmes Outdoors Inc. February 10, 2004

Qualifying for Olympic Trials by Adam VanGrack: Gone to Texas February 1, 2004

Getting along with the "muggles" by Elmore Holmes Outdoors Inc. January 10, 2004

Wayne Dickert Wins Book Award Citizen-Times.com November 27, 2003

Old Schoolers Who Still Rock the Boat - Carter Hearn Paddler Magazine Sept./Oct.2003

Fully Immersed in the Rush of a Monster Surge Washington Post 9/22/2003

Bethesda's Hearn Paddles into Sunset but Olympian will Stay Active as Coach Washington Post 2/9/2002

Slalom Canoeist Calls it Quits: David Hearn Retires after 28 Years of Whitewater Racing USA Canoe Kayak Feb.2002
David Hearn Retires from Racing February 2002

This Whitewater has a Little Chlorine Gazette 1/23/2002

Jennifer Hearn participates in Women's Sports Foundation Dinner WSF Serve NYC Rescue Workers Oct. 2001

Getting to the Olympics: 2000 Slalom Team American Whitewater Nov/Dec 2000

Davey Hearn from Penrith, Australia Washington Post Live Online 9/29/2000

Paddlers' injuries keep a low profile Sports Diagnostic Imaging 9/21/2000

Paul Ratcliffe Fights Back for Silver The Sunday Times 9/20/2000

David Ford's hopes submerged Canoe Quebecor Media 9/20/2000
David Ford fails to make it past qualifying Canoe Quebecor Media 9/20/2000
Slovakian brothers win two-man canoe gold Canoe Quebecor Media 9/20/2000
Scott Shipley's disappointment different this time Canoe Quebecor Media 9/20/2000

French, Slovaks dominate Canoe Quebecor Media 9/18/2000
Rebecca/ David, Giddens, Hearn find solace Canoe Quebecor Media 9/18/2000
David Hearn overcomes wind, penalties to advance Canoe Quebecor Media 9/18/2000

Canoe Quebecor Media Photos Canoe Kayak 2000 Olympics

Canoe Quebecor Media Coverage Canoe Kayak 2000 Olympics

How a Sport Saved Itself The New York Times 9/18/2000

Water logged Americans finish way back in slalom finals CNN Sports Illustrated 9/18/2000

David Hearn The Players - a pictorial of local Olympians Washington Post Magazine 9/3/2000

Stepanka Hilgertova thrives when there are challenges to overcome CNN Sports Illustrated 8/25/2000

River provides hallowed Haller all the noise he needs Lecky Charlotte Observer 6/27/2000

Paddling toward Sydney Gazette 6/14/2000

In This Neighborhood, the Kayak Is King Brookmont Washington Post 6/10/2000

Thrill Ride Great Falls Race Washington Post 6/8/2000

David Hearn Washington's Olympic Athletes MetroSports Washington, DC 2000

World Cup #1 Report by Jennifer Hearn 4/2000

Headed to Sydney US Olympic Team CNN Sports Illustrated 4/10/2000

David/ Joe, Hearn, Jacobi to Float Olympic Hopes in Trials by Amy Shipley Washington Post 4/7/2000

Paddlers of the Century Whitewater Slalom Paddler Magazine January/February 2000

David Hearn In Your Dreams Paddling Itineraries that Will Make You Drool Paddler Magazine July/Aug.1999

Carter Hearn Ursy Potter More Fit Than Ever Washington Post7/20/1999

Boater Etiquette Great Falls of the Potomac American Whitewater May/June 1999

For Hearns, Whitewater is Fountain of Youth Washington Post 5/30/1999

Potomac Race is a Moving Experience Washington Post 5/18/1999

Surfing the Perfect Wave, At Last! by Davey Hearn American Whitewater Nov./Dec. 1996

Potomac Access Update Davey Hearn to Represent American Whitewater American Whitewater Sept./Oct. 1996

Surfing the Perfect Wave, At Last American Whitewater Sept./Oct. 1996

Local Whitewater Slalom Olympians Washingtonpost.com July 1996

David Hearn's Dynamic C1 Playboy Magazine July 1996

Olympic Clip of Davey Hearn rec.boats.paddle July 31, 1996

Old-timers have grip on whitewater slalom team Outside Magazine May 1996

Top 10 SportsMen of the Year David Hearn US Olympic Committee Olympian Magazine March/April 1996

High Water and  High Hopes Some Like it Big: Huge water brings out the best Paddler Magazine 1996

Davey Hearn Acquitted American Whitewater July/August 1996
The Potomac Floods of 1996 American Whitewater March/April 1996

What REALLY happened on the Potomac by Ray Collar rec.boats.paddle January 27, 1996

Davey Hearn Mr. Persistency American Whitewater January/February 1996

Building the Dickerson Whitewater Course American Whitewater March/April 1992

Savage River AW Information & links to 1989 World Championship photos American Whitewater1989

Savage River Worlds by Mac Thornton American Whitewater Sept./Oct. 1989

Who's Hot at the '89 Worlds by Kent Ford American Whitewater May/June 1989

World-class excitement American Whitewater May/June 1989

Savage - A First Class Affair American Whitewater Sept./Oct. 1988

Davey Hearn running the Spout at Great Falls on the Potomac River Outside Magazine1987

Jon Lugbill on the Wheaties cereal box American Whitewater May/June 1985

American Whitewater Cover - Savage Rescue November/December 1976

Trapped at Gate 23 American Whitewater November/December 1976

Potomac River White Water Race American Whitewater Spring 1958

Potomac River White Water Race American Whitewater Fall 1956


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